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Rethinking Truck Driver Pay - Shift + Load Pay

Rethinking Truck Driver Pay - Shift + Load Pay

Many over-the-road trucking jobs require truck drivers to choose between things that are important to them. Too often, truck drivers have to trade lower pay for a consistent paycheck or bigger bonuses for less predictable home time. Most trucking companies are unwilling to offer truck drivers a complete employment package, forcing truck drivers to the ups and downs of mileage pay. Barr-Nunn Transportation is redesigning truck driver pay with Shift + Load Pay. Shift + Load Pay is a high paying innovative compensation program for professional truck drivers, combining the ability to secure firmly fixed pay each shift worked and add even more money to it with every load hauled.

Shift + Load Pay enables our truck drivers to earn a higher income, receive stable paychecks, drive newer trucks, and earn bigger bonuses. Plus, Shift + Load Pay delivers more predictable home time, generous paid time off, top-notch benefits, superior company stability, and more truck driver respect. Experienced Barr-Nunn Transportation truck drivers are already taking advantage of this industry-changing truck driver pay option. Shift + Load Pay fleets are growing as miles and loads are increasing. If you want to get the most out of your exemplary safety record and OTR experience, without compromising what is important to you and your family, take a close look at what we have to offer with Shift + Load Pay.

The program is available for a limited time and in restricted areas.

Of course, Barr-Nunn continues to offer a variety of different truck driver pay options, including traditional "per mile" pay. We invite you to use the handy search form on this page to find open positions in your area.

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