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Driver Reviews
Driver Reviews
We want to be the carrier of choice for professional drivers and Owner/Operators. Whether it's providing a top-notch pay package, high quality equipment, or friendly, respectful service, our whole team is focused on that goal. But don't take our word for it. Speak to Barr-Nunn drivers on the road, and they will tell you! We recently asked our drivers "What do you like about working with Barr-Nunn?" Here are some of the responses. We sincerely hope you will consider a professional driving career with us.
What do you like about working with Barr-Nunn?

Well my dispatcher for one. He's great. The opportunity to move in this company. The checks are good. Employees are great people and honest, home time is never an issue. I get home when I need to. Happy to be part of a great team here at Barr-Nunn.

-Earle, Company Driver

The company is fair. Dispatchers are great. Many raises since we came on board and we make money and don't kill ourselves. And the other Barr-Nunn drivers treat you like family. Thank you Barr-Nunn for hiring our team.

-Rosemary, Company Driver

First, I appreciate all the terminal mechanics and lead shop managers for taking the time to explain the answers to all my awkward questions. And I really appreciate the investment in new equipment, as well as maintaining the current inventory to like-new condition with quality parts. Second, my dispatcher Nathan is completely awesome. And the planners, I do as little or as much trip planning as I want. And the weekend/night dispatch are very supportive. Everyone helps with anything needed to help me deliver on time. There's lots more but last is the compensation. Barr-Nunn pays great per mile. So when I get a week with a lot of miles, great pay. When I get weeks with low miles, it's still average pay. And I don't have to jump through hoops to nickel and dime my earnings. Just a couple macros here and there for info. What they say they pay is open book and automatically paid.

-Dawn, Company Driver

A great company and good people. Dispatch and planners are helpful, keep you posted with any changes. Safety is the best, and what really matters. And everyone knows that we are an honest company. And the pay is good.

-David, Company Driver

The money and the people. Miles are good, but the bonuses really help that dollar total, come the end of the year. Office people are respectful and helpful when needed.

-Lori, Owner/Operator

Great check, great home time, lots of bonuses and vacation, and a heck of a Team Leader.

-James, Company Driver

The company's staff is fair and honest. And THE $$$$$$!

-Jeff, Company Driver

The pay is good. We get decent miles. You keep us running when we out here. Good people to work with.

-Norm & Cathy, Company Team Drivers

The personal touch with the company. The stability it has provided us and our family, such as home time and consistent miles.

-Michele & Jim, Company Team Drivers

The miles we run, the respect for home time, the pay, and definitely the people who work in the office.

-Belinda & Stephen, Company Team Drivers

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