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Truck Driver Benefits - Barr-Nunn Truck Driving Jobs

Truck Driver Benefits - Barr-Nunn Truck Driving Jobs

Practical Miles Practical Miles
Applies to Solo Truck Drivers, Team Truck Drivers, and Owner Operators

Practical mileage pay more accurately reflects your paid miles to actual trip miles. The miles you get paid are closer to your trip miles than "shortest" or "House Hold Goods" miles paid by most carriers. This pay system helps you to earn more money. Practical mileage pay allows you to earn safety pay increases even faster.


Here is a sample truck driving week that shows how practical mileage could impact your earnings

Route Practical Miles Shortest Miles Difference
Lancaster, PA to Columbus, OH 402 397 +5
Columbus, OH to Atlanta, GA 579 535 +44
Atlanta, GA to Charlotte, NC 244 243 +1
Charlotte, NC to Lexington, KY 399 378 +21
Lexington, KY to Columbus, OH 200 177 +23
Columbus, OH to Lancaster, PA 402 397 +5
Total Miles for Week 2226 2127 +99
CSA Bonus CSA Bonus
Applies to Solo Truck Drivers, Team Truck Drivers, and Owner Operators

Here at Barr-Nunn, we pride ourselves on being one of the safest trucking fleets in the industry. That's why we offer an opportunity to earn regular CSA Safety Bonuses. CSA stands for Compliance, Safety, Accountability, and the CSA program is the safety compliance program enforced by the Federal Motor Carrier Safety Administration.

Barr-Nunn Company Truck Drivers who meet certain safety criteria are eligible to receive a CSA Safety Bonus every 90 days. This equates to thousands of dollars per year for our truck drivers. To make it even better, Paid Time Off (PTO) is also earned with every bonus! This is one of the most popular components of our compensation program, and our truck drivers love it.

Current CSA Safety Bonus amounts (company truck drivers eligible every 90 days)

Solo Truck Drivers

  • $825 + Paid Time Off, if you have a Hazmat Endorsement
  • $650 + Paid Time Off, without a Hazmat Endorsement

Team Truck Drivers

  • $975 each + Paid Time Off, if you have a Hazmat Endorsement
  • $775 each + Paid Time Off, without a Hazmat Endorsement

Owner Operators can also achieve CSA Bonuses every 30,000 safe miles paid to the truck.

Owner Operators

  • $1,525 with a Hazmat Endorsement
  • $1,225 without a Hazmat Endorsement

Employee Health Insurance Employee Health Insurance
Applies to Solo Truck Driver and Team Truck Driver Employees


At Barr-Nunn, we value the health and wellness of our truck drivers. We strive to offer our employees competitive health and dental insurance rates, and offer access to wellness information. We also support healthcare-related technologies that are beneficial to our Company Drivers, such as new "Doctor-on-Demand" options, which make it easier for truck drivers who are away from home to receive medical advice using a smart phone, right from the cab of the truck. New employees are eligible for insurance benefits the 1st of the month following 60 days of employment.

We offer options for health insurance with Blue Cross and Blue Shield as shown below*:

  • Single - $53/week
  • Employee + Dependent - $115/week
  • Employee + Spouse - $125/week
  • Family - $143/week

Dental insurance is also available for $3.20/week single or $9.50/week family*.

*rates are subject to change

In addition, we offer the following to all company truck drivers:

  • Cafeteria Plan, which allows you to designate a portion of your earnings to be used for medical or daycare expenses, free of tax.
  • Vision savings plan (Avesis)

Employee 401(k) Program Employee 401(k) Program
Applies to Solo Truck Driver and Team Truck Driver Employees


When it comes to helping our Company Truck Drivers prepare for retirement, Barr-Nunn is miles ahead of our competition. Barr-Nunn provides a match of the greater of:

a) 100% up to 3% of eligible wages


b) 100% up to $2,000

The match is contributed to the employee's retirement account annually, and requires participants be employed on the last day of the calendar year.*

Company Truck Drivers are required to contribute to their 401(k) plan in order to receive the match from Barr-Nunn. New employees are eligible to participate in the 401(k) program after 90 days of employment.

* All matches subject to vesting schedules.

Employee Paid Time Off Employee Paid Time Off
Applies to Solo Truck Driver and Team Truck Driver Employees

At Barr-Nunn, we know having Paid Time Off (PTO) is important to all of us. It allows us to enjoy time with our friends and family, and take time away from our important work to recharge and unwind. We have different PTO plans based on the type of job being performed. Solo Company Truck Drivers paid by the mile earn PTO every 60,000 paid miles driven. Team Company Truck Drivers paid by the mile each earn PTO every 109,000 paid miles driven. The more miles driven, the more PTO you can earn. In addition, truck drivers who qualify for the CSA Bonus every 90 days also earn additional PTO.

Truck Drivers who choose positions paid by the shift earn PTO annually on their anniversary.


Here is an example chart of PTO that can be earned for a mileage-paid Solo Truck Driver.

Accumulated Paid Miles PTO Days Earned
60,0003 days
120,0003 days
180,0003 days
240,0003 days
300,0003 days
360,0006 days
420,0006 days
480,0006 days
540,0006 days
600,0006 days
660,0006 days
720,0006 days
780,0006 days
840,0006 days
900,0006 days
960,0009 days
9 days every 60,000 miles thereafter.
Truck Driver Referral Program Truck Driver Referral Program
Applies to Solo Truck Drivers, Team Truck Drivers, and Owner Operators


Barr-Nunn Truck Drivers and Owner Operators can easily earn additional income. All you have to do is refer other Truck Drivers and Owner Operators to Barr-Nunn!

Current Payout Schedule (for a limited time):

  • $250 after your recruit arrives at orientation
  • $2,000 after your recruit successfully completes orientation and hauls his or her first load
  • $0.05 per mile on all your referred driver's miles for their first 90 days with Barr-Nunn (when your referred driver is paid by the mile)

Referrals are a great way to earn supplemental income and put you in control of your own finances. Why not contribute to the growth of Barr-Nunn, and make money at the same time?

Band Pay Band Pay
Applies to Solo Truck Drivers when paid by the mile

Times have been changing in the trucking industry. The industry average loaded length of haul has been declining for years. When we noticed this trend many years ago, we decided to pay our solo mileage-paid truck drivers more per mile on any load that was 550 miles or less. The extra amount varies based on the length of haul, with shorter loads paying higher amounts. We call it Band Pay. Band Pay is additional compensation added on top of our industry-leading base pay rates. It is paid on loaded miles on loads that you both pick up and deliver. This is one of the many reasons our truck drivers' weekly earnings are so high.

Mileage $/Mile
0-50 $0.97 + $16.50 Flat
51-100 $0.97
101-200 Base Rate + $0.11
201-300 Base Rate + $0.07
301-400 Base Rate + $0.04
401-550 Base Rate + $0.02
*Loaded Miles Only, non-relayed loads
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