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Barr-Nunn's Award-Winning Service

A Display of Barr-Nunn Transportation Service Awards

As a leader in the transportation industry, Barr-Nunn often receives awards for service and safety. We are honored to have received each of the above awards recently. Barr-Nunn President Rene Beacom recognizes that "these awards reinforce to others what we already know, that we have the best fleet of truck drivers out there. They perform at a very high level of service and safety and we appreciate it greatly. As a company, we have found ways to improve our performance in safety and service. We've enrolled the team from top to bottom throughout the organization to bring attention and responsibility to everyone involved. This team is doing a great job in terms of safety performance, service performance and financial performance."

"Ultimately, our success is based on safety, service and efficiency, all of which depends on our truck drivers. We feel that our truck drivers are the best in the industry and we in turn constantly strive to offer the best pay, equipment, and quality of life to our Barr-Nunn truck drivers."

Certified Top Pay Carrier

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