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Team Paid Time Off
Team Paid Time Off


At Barr-Nunn, we know having Paid Time Off (PTO) is important to all of us. It allows us to enjoy time with our friends and family, and take time away from our important work to recharge and unwind. That's why we offer PTO to our Team Company Truck Drivers every 109,000 paid miles driven, when paid by the mile. The more miles you have driven, the more PTO you can earn. In addition, truck drivers who qualify for the CSA Bonus every 90 days also earn additional PTO.


Here is an example chart of PTO that can be earned.

Accumulated Paid Miles PTO Days Earned
109,0003 days
218,0003 days
327,0003 days
436,0003 days
545,0003 days
654,0006 days
763,0006 days
872,0006 days
981,0006 days
1,090,0006 days
1,199,0006 days
1,308,0006 days
1,417,0006 days
1,526,0006 days
1,635,0006 days
1,744,0009 days
9 days every 109,000 miles thereafter.

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