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Health & Dental Insurance
Health & Dental Insurance


At Barr-Nunn, we value the health and wellness of our truck drivers. We strive to offer our employees competitive health and dental insurance rates, and offer access to wellness information. We also support healthcare-related technologies that are beneficial to our Company Drivers, such as new "Doctor-on-Demand" options, which make it easier for truck drivers who are away from home to receive medical advice using a smart phone, right from the cab of the truck.

We offer options for health insurance with Blue Cross and Blue Shield as shown below*:

  • Single - $49/week
  • Employee + Dependent - $105/week
  • Employee + Spouse - $116/week
  • Family - $129/week

Dental insurance is also available for $3.20/week single or $9.50/week family*.

*rates are subject to change

In addition, we offer the following to all company truck drivers:

  • Cafeteria Plan, which allows you to designate a portion of your earnings to be used for medical or daycare expenses, free of tax.
  • Vision savings plan (Avesis)

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