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Health & Dental Insurance
Health & Dental Insurance


At Barr-Nunn, we value the health and wellness of our employees. We strive to offer our employees competitive health and dental insurance rates, and offer access to wellness information. We also support healthcare-related technologies that are beneficial to our Company Drivers, such as new "Doctor-on-Demand" options, which make it easier for drivers who are away from home to receive medical advice using a smart phone, right from the cab of the truck.

We offer options for health insurance with Blue Cross and Blue Shield as shown below*:

  • Single - $45/week
  • Employee + Dependent - $94/week
  • Employee + Spouse - $109/week
  • Family - $118/week

Dental insurance is also available for $2.85/week*.

*rates are subject to change

In addition, we offer the following to all employees:

  • Cafeteria Plan, which allows you to designate a portion of your earnings to be used for medical or daycare expenses, free of tax.
  • Vision savings plan (Avesis)

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